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On 2014: It’s been a year of highlights.

17th December 2014 | Tim

It’s been a year of highlights.

I’m loving how we are communicating as a band and working through some particularly intense situations that might once have caused friction and fire.

A particular highlight for me is that I have been able to have some small influence upon the videos we’ve been making. Universal Records in the 90s never let us near the video scripts and we were seldom happy with the results.

A big thanks there to Faye Purcell, Terry Felgate at BMG, Cooking Vinyl and everyone else who allowed us to put quality ahead of deadlines.

If you hadn’t noticed, our element is playing live. We love the shows where even we don’t know what’s going to happen next.

The New York gig in October was coincidentally on the second anniversary of my friend Gabrielle’s death, to the day and hour. She lived less than a mile from the venue and I got to sing the song lyrics inspired by her, to her husband Robert, who wept and danced in the balcony. Regina Spektor and her husband Jack were there for the show. Regina’s a musical heroine of mine.

The Manchester and Athens gigs were also very, very, special.

Lisbon Arena

29th November 2014 | Larry

Multiusos de Guimarães, Portugal

28th November 2014 | Larry

Leeds Arena

23rd November 2014 | Larry

The N.I.A., Birmingham

22nd November 2014 | Larry

Brixton Academy, London

21st November 2014 | Larry

Royal Albert Hall, London

19th November 2014 | Larry

Newcastle Academy

17th November 2014 | Larry

The Hydro, Glasgow

15th November 2014 | Larry

Echo Arena, Liverpool

14th November 2014 | Larry