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Up up and away

| Juliet

The next morning, Saul went a tad spare as they wouldn’t make him a proper coffee cappuccino. The question arose following a chicory incident. After yesterday’s lengthy sojourn at Birmingham airport, we whizz out the hotel and arrive at Isle of Man airport in good time. All checked in we notice that there is onl... Read more

A three-legged man and the Stairway to the Nineties

| Juliet

We fly finally after a two hour delay to our already over tight schedule. Luckily super crew Mat Skinner is there, having flown in from Manchester, and has set things up on stage... Even so, the delay means that the V.I.P. thing turns into the soundcheck proper. The Villa Marina is a lovely old theatre, just a ston... Read more

Rainbow Haze at 10-1

| Juliet

Horses are galloping across the track as the mini bus pulls up in the drizzle. We are in Worcester at the races. It’s “James Live after Racing,” an equestrian event and a gig to follow. All for a mere £25. When all the horses have shot past, including the riderless, we are allowed to go forth into the dressin... Read more

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All I'm Saying (Official Video)

Third single from the new album La Petite Mort.

Curse Curse (Official Video)

Second single from the new album La Petite Mort.

Moving On (Official Video)

First single from the new album La Petite Mort. Directed by BAFTA winning animator Ainslie Henderson.

Frozen Britain

From the new album La Petite Mort.
Video by Roger Sargent.

Frozen Britain - Live Acoustic

Live acoustic session of the new James track 'Frozen Britain'.

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Bingley Music Live, Myrtle Park, Bingley, West Yorkshire
Festival No. 6 (Short Orchestral Set—3 band, Joe Duddell), Town Hall, Portmeirion, Wales
Festival No. 6, Portmeirion, Wales

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